Our highly skilled Health and Safety professionals can provide a range of consulting and training services, helping you comply with legislation, reduce risks and follow good practice.

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Are you fully aware of all of your Health and Safety obligations as an employer? Businesses of all sizes have a duty to comply with the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and associated legislation; however, managing all these aspects can be both arduous and time-consuming.

Our highly skilled Health and Safety professionals can support you with a range of consulting and training services, helping you stay compliant, reduce risks and follow good practice.

How can we support you with Health and Safety?

Our team includes experienced and chartered Health and Safety practitioners.  Our range of services means that our team are familiar with  a wide variety of industries, including food and drink, aerospace, manufacturing, engineering, construction, chemicals, and waste management.  Not only does this mean less time spent getting “up to speed” on your needs, we will be able to give much more informed recommendations.

We have worked on projects for organisations of all sizes, from multi-national corporate clients to local authorities and SMEs, so can tailor the level of support to your needs and budget.

Specifically, our health & safety consulting services include:

  • Regulatory Assistance: health & safety legal compliance consulting including Health & Safety Legal Register and Legal Compliance Audits.
  • Health & Safety Gap Analysis: we can audit your organisation, or a specific process, to develop a baseline of Health and Safety management.
  • Health & Safety Policies and Procedures: we can assist you in the preparation, development and/or review of Health and Safety policies, procedures and manuals.
  • Occupational Hygiene Assessments: Our occupational hygiene monitoring services include measuring the workers’ exposure to airborne substances, heat stress, noise and vibration, as well as ergonomic and indoor air quality assessments.  Our team can also help you to identify and implement control measures to prevent ill-health from workplace environmental factors.
  • Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems : We can help you to develop, implement and audit systems to ISO 45001, as well as assist you with the migration from OHSAS 18001 to ISO 45001.
  • Risk Assessment & Management: Our consultants can provide general health and safety risk assessments as well as risk assessments required by topic specific legislation, such as Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH); Noise; Hand-Arm Vibration (HAV); Manual Handling; Display Screen Equipment (DSE), and Fire.
  • Health & Safety Awareness Training for All Employees or Specific Operator Training: We can deliver IOSH-approved training or bespoke training that is specific to your site’s needs.  Topics can include COSHH awareness, manual handling, chemical spill, and emergency response.
  • Chemical Management Services: Our specialists can assist you in complying with your legal obligations under relevant environmental, health and safety legislation including COSHH, DSEAR, REACH, COMAH, RoHS and CLP Regulations, and offer a complete chemical management solution from procurement of chemicals through to disposal.
  • Routine Health & Safety Inspections and Checks: Let us help you to ensure that preventative and protective measures are in place and are working effectively, for example, by conducting housekeeping inspections.
  • Health & Safety On-Site Secondment Services:  When you need a little extra support, perhaps to cover maternity leave, long-term sickness/accident absence, or just need an additional resource for a specific project, our secondment services can provide one of our experienced team members as a full or part-time staff member on your premises.

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