A complete chemical management solution including COSHH, DSEAR, REACH, COMAH, RoHS and CLP Regulations.

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Through our team of environmental engineers, scientists and health & safety consultants and, we offer a complete chemical management solution from procurement of chemicals through to disposal. Assisting your organisation to comply with your legal obligations under relevant environment, health and safety legislation including COSHH, DSEAR, REACH, COMAH, RoHS and CLP Regulations.

Chemical Management Services include:

  • Identification of chemicals used on site/chemical sweep.
  • Development and review of a chemical inventory/approved chemicals list.
  • Development of chemical approval procedure.
  • Development and review of documented chemical management procedures (chemical utilisation, storage, handling use).
  • Review of safety data sheets.
  • Completion of COSHH risk assessments – substance and process-based.
  • Occupational hygiene monitoring for airborne substances.
  • Independent LEV system service, including review of existing systems and comparison with design specifications; thorough examination and test; design of new/replacement systems; system commissioning, and development of control manuals.
  • Tank audits and bund inspections.
  • Chemical waste management and disposal.
  • Permit Compliance Audit.
  • Training (COSHH awareness, handling, transfer, chemical spill, emergency response).
  • REACH compliance.

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