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How do you review, manage and demonstrate compliance with health & safety legislation? All employers have a responsibility to know what legislation is applicable to them and the activities that they undertake.

It is challenging to keep up with  legal requirements and the various changes that take place. A simple way to keep up to date is through regular compliance audits, and maintaining a register of health & safety legislation.

We support health & safety and environmental legal compliance consulting.

Our Health & Safety Legal Compliance Consulting Services

  1. Audit.
  2. Legal Register.
  3. Bi-annual Updates.
  4. Assistance with action close out, if required, from our wider independent team.

Why outsource your health & safety legal compliance register and auditing to Mabbett?

  • Firstly, and most importantly, we help to improve compliance. We undertake a legal compliance audit which includes a series of questions covering key legislation, across all subject areas as applicable and relevant to your location and working activities. We audit compliance against legislation and available evidence, and screen out non-applicable legislation, where relevant. The findings then allow completion of a site-specific health & safety legal register.
  • Legal updates can be time-consuming and detailed – let us take the strain, to help your staff focus on priority actions.
  • We offer independent advice and an impartial review of compliance against site applicable current health & safety legislation. We also have a team of independent environmental compliance professionals who can provide environmental legal compliance consulting support.
  • We hold a depth of knowledge to enable us to provide additional support in closing out non-conformances, potential non-conformances and opportunities for improvement, through our occupational health & safety and process safety teams, as well as having access to as-required technical engineering knowledge through the Mabbett engineering group. We can also offer specialist and additional on and off-site resource to compliment your internal team.
  • Legal compliance can be resource intensive – we provide bespoke Legal Registers which can then be easily managed internally.
  • For corporate companies and companies with sites in multi jurisdictions, we can assist in meeting U.K., E.U., international, industry and/or corporate requirements.

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