We are qualified and highly skilled health and safety practitioners

Our team of competent, qualified and highly skilled health and safety practitioners can support you by providing a range of health and safety consulting and training services.

Health & Safety Consultancy

Our highly skilled Health and Safety professionals can provide a range of consulting and training services, helping you comply with legislation, reduce risks and follow good practice.

Risk Assessment & Management

Health & Safety audits; General Risk Assessment; Legislative risk assessment, to include COSHH, noise, HAV, manual handling, display screen equipment and fire assessments.

Chemical Management

A complete chemical management solution including COSHH, DSEAR, REACH, COMAH, RoHS and CLP Regulations.

Local Exhaust Ventilation

From exposure monitoring, to testing and design, we can help you with your local exhaust ventilation needs

Occupational Hygiene Monitoring

Occupational (workplace) exposure monitoring for: airborne substances; occupational noise; COSHH assessments; HAV; EMF and indoor air quality.