We can also help you to make both minor and major variations to existing permits, as well as permit transfers, permit surrenders, and Best Available Technique (BAT) reviews.

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Why risk delays in the approval process by attempting to navigate the potential minefield of Environmental Permitting (PPC, EPR) on your own when you can be supported by experienced professionals?

Our wide range of environmental permitting support services can take you from the initial stages, with pre-application gap analysis audits and due-diligence, right through to fully-managed permit applications.

Need to make a correction, administrative change, or want to do an activity that is not currently covered by your permit?  We can also help you to make both minor and major variations to existing permits, as well as permit transferspermit surrenders, and Best Available Technique (BAT) reviews.

Our team of engineers and scientists at can offer a unique, holistic permitting support service.  This means that we can provide you with a proven, cost-effective solution to your legislative requirements.

  • Our team has the knowledge and experience to provide whatever level of support you need, from applying for an environmental permit exemption, right up to fully-managed environmental permit applications.
  • We can help streamline the process by liaising on your behalf with environmental regulators, such as SEPA, EA, NRW and NIEA.  Our regular work with these agencies means that we have a deep understanding of their expectations and requirements.
  • Our broad experience covers all the key permitting regimes currently applicable to industry, such as the Pollution Prevention and Control (PPC) Regulations, Environmental Protection Regulations (EPR), the Solvents Emissions Directive, the Industrial Emissions Directive and the Controlled Activity Regulations (CAR), to include Construction Site Licences.
  • Our wide range of services means that our team are intimately familiar with the processes of a wide variety of industries, such as food and drink, aerospace, industrial manufacturing, construction, chemicals, waste management, and everything in between.  Not only does this mean less time spent getting “up to speed” on the needs of your business, but we will be able to give much more informed recommendations based on our previous experience.

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