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World Water Day – Sunday 22 March 2015

20th March 2015

A day to celebrate water. A day to make a difference. A day to prepare for future water management.

In 1993, the United Nations General Assembly designated 22 March as the first World Water Day. 22 years later in 2015, World Water Day is still celebrated around the world. Each year World Water Day takes a theme and the theme for 2015 is, ‘Water and Sustainable Development’. World Water Day 2015 will focus on how water links to many areas to include: health, nature, industry and food, and actions which need to be taken to create a sustainable future. Click here to visit the World Water Day website.

Sustainable water management is at the core of our water conservation services as we assist our clients to improve water efficiency and implement sustainable solutions so they see a difference and also make a difference, influencing the lives of their employees as they engage with them at work on water efficiency and increased awareness.

By way of an example, Mabbett supported 13 Northern Irish businesses to identify opportunities to improve water efficiency. Mabbett undertook a water-focused resource efficiency audit which identified total annual water cost savings of over £260,000. and environmental savings of over 135,000m3 of water, and drew up a costed action plan of water efficiency improvements for each business.

  • What is your business doing to celebrate World Water Day 2015?
  • Is there an opportunity for your business to change to use water more sustainably and efficiently and better engage with your staff?
  • Are you prepared and equipped to implement change?

Improve water management in your business and see a difference now contact Michael Lynch, Manager, Process Engineering via email or telephone 0141 227 2310.