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Best Available Technique (BAT) Services

BAT relates to the available techniques which are best suited to preventing or minimising emissions and impacts on the environment.  It is a common requirement of environmental regulators (e.g. SEPA, EA, NIEA) to ensure installations are BAT or that chosen technologies represent BAT.

As there are 32 associated BAT reference documents (BREFs), each typically 500-700 pages long, determining BAT for a particular application at a particular site can be challenging.  Mabbett’s bespoke approach can help to ensure that both site specific requirements and environmental regulators are satisfied.

Mabbett offers a range of bespoke BAT services, including:

  • Evaluation of air abatement technologies;
  • BAT health check for site processes, inclusive of potential BAT improvements;
  • Incorporation of BAT principles into new designs;
  • Evaluation of effluent treatment technologies;
  • Environmental permitting application or variation standpoint with regard to BAD

Within this service Mabbett also offer direct liaison, on your behalf, with your environmental regulator to help streamline the process and address their requirements.

Contact James Forbes, Manager, Process Engineering via email at: to discuss further.