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Belfast City Council

Belfast based businesses identify combined savings of over £320,000 as a result of improved resource efficiency and management through participation in the BITES programme.

Mabbett Approach and Delivery

Funded by Belfast City Council, Business Improvements through Environmental Solutions (BITES) is a business improvement programme, focused on competitiveness and sustainability through improved resource efficiency and environmental management. Mabbett were commissioned, and delivered the two year programme.

Mabbett targeted companies from across a range of sectors to include: construction, leisure, manufacturing, professional services (design, legal and architectural), real estate and IT.

BITES included:

  • initial mini-audit of operations to highlight opportunities for improvement and action plan.
  • a series of business improvement workshops (e.g. in environmental management, water, energy, waster, logistics and green procurement).  These workshops are aligned with the IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management.
  • one-to-one implementation support to identify and implement site specific action plans.
  • an annual Awards Ceremony for successful participants, including in each year a closely-contested special prize to the ‘Most Improved Company’!

One-to-one support provided under the available one-to-one implementation support included:

  • development and implementation of waste management strategies and recycling.
  • focused site energy and water audits.
  • development of Key Environmental Performance Indicators (KEPIs).
  • development of the building blocks of an EMS.
  • design and delivery of staff environmental awareness presentations.
  • development of environmental and green office policies.

Project Outcomes

On completion of the BITES programme the participant businesses benefited from a range of cost and environmental savings as noted below:

  • combined cost savings of £320,000.
  • over 1000MWh of energy savings.
  • almost 40 tonnes of materials eliminated from use.
  • 172 tonnes of waste diverted from landfill and recycled.
  • over 200 tonnes of landfill reduced.

Furthermore the participant companies witnessed the following business improvement benefits as a result of programme participation:

  • development of an environmental management system to BS 8555 Level 3.
  • improved environmental awareness through successful completion of the IEMA Foundation Certificate Course in Environmental Management.
  • development of a monitoring and measurement system for resources to manage and control consumption moving forward.

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