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Dawnfresh Seafoods Ltd

Mabbett provide a focused environmental noise assessment to help Dawnfresh reduce their noise impacts and safeguard compliance.

Mabbett Approach and Delivery

Following a series of plant and process equipment layout changes at their Uddingston facility, Dawnfresh Seafoods Ltd (Dawnfresh) commissioned Mabbett to provide investigative environmental and internal noise monitoring services at their Uddingston facility.

Mabbett duly provided the following support:

  • Completion of a focused environmental noise impact assessment incorporating measurement of all major on-site external noise sources, in addition to the  potential residential noise receptors;
  • Completion of a noise mapping exercise spanning various measurements within key production areas, captured during routine operations to benchmark typical employee noise exposure;  and
  • Monitoring of third-octave frequency band noise levels in addition to broadband levels to facilitate assessment of tonal impacts, and the pinpointing of specific sources which could cause nuisance to employees or the wider environment.

“Mabbett have supported Dawnfresh processing facilities across Scotland for a number of years with provision of environmental and health and & safety services (occupational hygiene), Mabbett provide a premium service, exactly what we are after.”

Tony Miller, Health, Safety and Environment Manager, Processing Sites

Project Outcomes

The key project outcomes and benefits achieved were as follows:

  • Generation of in-depth reference data for individual noise sources – helping Dawnfresh to confirm the positive changes in noise impact associated with the new facility layout.
  • Identification of key noise sources which could potentially be detected causing off-site – allowing Dawnfresh to prioritise their noise management activities accordingly whilst avoiding investment in unnecessary attenuation measures.
  • Improved understanding of typical facility noise levels, designation of hearing protection zones and the actions needed to maintain compliance with health and safety legislation.

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