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Circular Economy, Waste Reduction and Compliance

Mabbett’s independent qualified, expert consultants can tailor waste management technical support to match an organisation’s/industry’s waste Waste Managementmanagement needs. Through reusing products and materials continually, sustainability can be increased through the circular economy mechanism.

Mabbett’s waste management and circular economy support services include:

  • waste management tendering assistance;
  • waste management contract advice;
  • waste stream quantification;
  • waste management plans including Site Waste Management Planning;
  • independent waste advice for a specific local geographical area - including waste management contractor evaluation;
  • waste solution identification, including waste recycling, bailing, compaction, composting, waste to energy;
  • zero waste to landfill strategy support;
  • circular economy support and delivery to help you identify how your site can drive the circular economy;
  • duty of care waste auditing;
  • direct support to waste management companies including permitting and grant supported management systems.

Mabbett can support your organisation with its transition to Circular Economy. Get in touch if you want to know more or if you simply want to reduce waste in the most effective way!

Contact Jamie Roddie, Manager, Environment via email at: to discuss further.