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Edinburgh Zoo

Resource Efficient Scotland programme delivery supported by Mabbett’s technical services help Edinburgh Zoo’s drive to become the “World’s Greenest Zoo”.

Mabbett Approach and Delivery

During 2014, Edinburgh Zoo gained support from Resource Efficient Scotland to drive towards their ambition of becoming the World’s Greenest Zoo. Mabbett, who are Resource Efficient Scotland framework contractors, brought in specialists in waste, EMS, water and energy to help the Zoo’s team with a number of focused projects. The Zoo already collates data and has good knowledge of the site and issues, so Mabbett were able to use our technical team to review data, listen to staff and to target specific areas for improvements, mainly in energy controls and reductions and waste segregation.

Having a regular contact on-site over the 6-month project helped further engage with the Zoo’s staff team, facilitating workshops, listening and responding to ideas, providing advice on energy controls, water balance and leak detection, bin-purchase and supporting this with training for catering staff on waste segregation. Mabbett worked alongside Zoo contractors and the fabulously-named Action Plan Environmental (APE) Team to develop and implement the actions – gaining tangible results.

Project Outcomes

  • Changing heating controls results in energy cost savings of up to £100,000/year. A trial was undertaken to change the heating controls in the Budongo Trail which resulted in a 24% reduction in the heating bill with no capital spend. Replication of this trial across all areas of the Zoo, means savings of over £100,000/year.
  • 10% saving on electricity bill through ‘Night at the Zoo’ switch-off campaign. Edinburgh Zoo trialled a “Switch off night at the Zoo” campaign, in which all non essential electrical equipment was switched off at night to include: water coolers, vending machines, lights and radiators this resulted in a 10% saving in their electricity bill. Implementation of this initiative has resulted in a minimum £20,000/year cost saving.
  • Waste to landfill reduced by 90%. Edinburgh Zoo trialled source segregation at their largest on site restaurant, the Grasslands Restaurant, this resulted in 90% diversion of waste from landfill. Trial will now be implemented across all catering outlets at Edinburgh Zoo.
  • Sustainability and Waste Awareness Training was completed for >90% of catering staff, and staff continue to monitor waste levels – feeding this back to the Zoo’s APE Team.
  • Communicating with members of the public visiting the Zoo about waste segregation is always a challenge, but simple procurement changes in the restaurant have already reduced contamination in the waste streams.  Multiple plastic sauce sachets have been replaced by bulk-bottles on restaurant tables.  New, segregated front-of-house bins have raised the profile of waste and provided a mechanism for users to ‘do their bit’.
  • Successful multi-party collaboration, training and engagement.

Click here to read full case studies on each of the above project outcomes on the Resource Efficient Scotland website.

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