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“The answer could be absolutely nothing. Or it could be hundreds of thousands.”

Our team of experienced water and wastewater engineers offer a robust bill validation service for water and effluent to identify any billing errors that may be present, access any potential rebates and reduce water related costs.

Water and effluent bills are often complex with a number of site specific variables being used to calculate how much you are charged. Due to this complexity and an organisation or site’s unfamiliarity with the applicable charging structure, it is not uncommon for billing errors to occur, often running for a number of years unnoticed.  

We offer this risk-free bill validation model where payment is proportional to the savings that are made, rather than a flat, up-front fee. Where no savings are made, the service is free of charge.

We offer a bespoke bill validation package and our charging model is reviewed and tailored as necessary on a project-by-project basis.

Upon validation of your bills, we provide a concise memorandum summarising any identified errors and their associated cost savings, alongside a Mabbett Bill Validation Certificate.

Different to most bill validation services on the market, our offering is provided by experienced water and wastewater engineers who are often able to identify opportunities that our competitors would miss. The validation exercise will consider:

  • Water supply and wastewater discharge unit rates;
  • The number and size of incoming main meter(s);
  • Fixed water meter charges;
  • Road and property drainage charging;
  • Site non-return to sewer allowances;
  • Domestic and special allowances;
  • Applicable charging tariffs;
  • Property rateable values;
  • Mogden formula review;
  • Trade effluent availability charge accuracy;
  • Effluent meter(s) size;
  • Trade effluent outfall amalgamation;
  • Application of sustainable urban drainage systems;
  • Opportunities for water abstraction; and
  • Water services and trade effluent charge rebates.

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