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ESOS Compliance – is your business prepared?

21st January 2015

Now that we’re in 2015, ESOS is well and truly on the agenda for qualifying organisations with the compliance deadline of 05 December 2015. Considering the several actions required to comply, it’s essential to plan your approach now (including booking your ESOS lead assessor) and to get actioning ESOS before the deadline approaches and heavy penalty charges are applied.

Should your company be required to comply under ESOS, have you decided the following?

  1. Have you appointed an ESOS Lead Assessor? Mabbett have in-house ESOS Lead Assessors. ESOS guidance points to the appointment of the ESOS Lead Assessor before appointment of the ESOS energy auditor so that the participant organisation can discuss and agree the ESOS Energy Audit approach (sampling of sites, methodology, audit scope etc.) before the energy auditor conducts the ESOS Energy Audit.
  2. Have you chosen your compliance route? ISO 50001 Energy Management System or ESOS Energy Audit. Mabbett can support with both of these compliance routes, we have a team of in house Mechanical and Electrical Engineers and Management Systems and Training Specialists.

The Environmentalist (published by IEMA) commented in their November 2014 edition that, “the scheme covers about 7,000 companies,” so get ahead and appoint your ESOS Lead Assessor and plan your approach to ESOS compliance.

Click here for an overview of ESOS and routes to compliance.

See Mabbett, See a Difference. Contact Andy Lee, Director, Engineering via email at: or Robert Duncan, Senior Environmental Consultant at: to discuss how Mabbett can assist your business to maximise value from ESOS compliance.