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DSEAR and Hazardous Area Classification

Mabbett can provide the following in-house in relation to DSEAR and Hazardous Area Classification:

  • Risk Assessments to comply with the Dangerous Substance and Explosive Atmospheres Regulation 2002 (DSEAR).  Assessing the probability and consequence of releases associated with the storage and handling of flammable materials and dusts, to develop Basis of Safety.
  • Preparation of Hazardous Area Classification Schedules and Drawing Mark-Ups to indicate extent of hazardous zones.
  • Advising on selection of equipment with ATEX zones, and risk of ignition from mechanical sources such as mixers via Mechanical Equipment Ignition Risk Assessment (MEIRA).


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To discuss any of the above or any other Process Safety requirements that you may have, please contact:

Paul Young (CEng, MIChemE), Manager, Process Safety. 0141 227 2311;

Keighley Ziolkowski (BEng, MSc, AMIChemE), Senior Engineer, Process Safety. 0141 227 2329;