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Our Ornithologists conduct Breeding Bird Surveys between March and August and carry out initial assessments year-round to assess any potential impact of a project or development on the habits of Schedule 1 birds, priority bird species or habitats of particular value to birds.

All birds and their nests are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act, 1981. Breeding bird surveys are likely to be required if a development or project will impact habitats likely to support Schedule 1 birds, priority bird species or habitats of particular value to birds.

Although the breeding bird season runs from March – August inclusive (although not all species stick to the rules!), breeding bird surveys are conducted between March and July and are likely to require multiple visits throughout this time period to determine which species are present and their population. Number of visits is determined by the species likely to be present, habitat type and the most suitable methodology e.g. the common bird census requires six visits to be made within the breeding season whereas moorland breeding bird surveys tend to require four visits. The data collected is then used to determine the number of individual territories of each species found on site and to suggest suitable monitoring, avoidance and mitigation, as appropriate.

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