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VIBES Awards 2016 – Apply Now!

20th May 2016

Businesses in Scotland of all sizes and sectors are urged to enter the accredited environmental awards scheme Vision in Business for the Environment of Scotland (VIBES) – Scotland’s Business Awards for the Environment.

Vibes Awards 2016

Held at the end of every year, the Awards are given a high profile ceremony, which provides a valuable opportunity to have the success of your business widely recognised. The Awards are RSA accredited, which means that winners are considered for the prestigious European Business Awards for the Environment (EBAE) that are held every two years.The VIBES Awards recognise and reward businesses that engage in good environmental practice, reducing the negative impact on the environment whilst also providing economic benefits to the business.

Have you improved your environmental performance?The awards aim to encourage the efficient use of resources, enhance the competitiveness of businesses, improve environmental performance and support the wider goals of sustainable development including social benefits through community and staff involvement.

  • Have you enhanced the competitiveness of your business?
  • Are you supporting the wider goals of sustainable development?

Then enter for a VIBES award 2016: it is free and simple!

See the VIBES website for more details.