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We offer a full life-cycle approach to development, from initial feasibility assessments through the planning process to allow for construction and operation. Our Chartered Planners in Belfast can assist with gaining planning consent for your development proposals.

The Mabbett Planning Team in Belfast offers our clients a comprehensive approach to the delivery of projects (whether small scale or large), from initial feasibility, to working up detailed proposals and advancing discussions with relevant authorities. Thereafter navigating through the planning process. Ultimately, we are a results driven Team who take pride in securing positive results and consents for our clients allowing them to implement their projects and ideas in full.

Our Team includes RTPI accredited Town Planners and Environmental Planners who are experienced in the delivery of successful renewable and low carbon energy, waste, minerals, commercial, industrial and residential developments in Belfast & throughout the UK and Ireland. We provide a bespoke service for all scales of developments and welcome early discussions to understand your needs.

Planning Consultancy Related Services

Our planning consultancy services include the following:

Site finding and feasibility assessments

Our team of experienced planners are skilled in identifying prime locations that align with your specific requirements and vision. We conduct extensive research, considering factors such as zoning regulations, accessibility, environmental considerations, and community dynamics.

Viability of your project is critical, examining technical, financial, and legal aspects allows early risks to be identified. This helps us anticipate potential challenges and provides valuable insights to make informed decisions during the planning phase.

Management of planning applications

We are dedicated to simplifying the process of planning applications and helping you bring your vision to life. Whether you’re a homeowner, developer, or business owner, we are here to assist you every step of the way.

Our expert team understands the complexities of navigating through planning regulations, permits, and approvals. From minor alterations to large-scale developments, we handle all types of planning applications with precision and efficiency.

Preparation of supporting planning documents, including Planning Statements, Design and Access Statements, Pre-Application Consultation Reports

Throughout the preparation of these documents, collaboration and consultation with various stakeholders, including planners, architects, and community representatives, is essential to ensure a holistic and inclusive approach.

By meticulously preparing these supporting planning documents, we lay the groundwork for successful project execution, providing a clear roadmap for development while addressing the diverse needs of stakeholders and the environment.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Through comprehensive analysis and expert assessment, we aim to identify, predict, and mitigate any adverse impacts that a project may have on the environment, surrounding communities, and natural resources. 

By considering various factors such as ecological, social, and economic aspects, we ensure that the project aligns with sustainable development principles and regulatory requirements and thereby helping you make informed decisions and crafting environmentally responsible designs that minimise negative consequences while enhancing overall project sustainability and again with viability at the forefront.

Development Plan representations

We provide a concise and informative overview of the proposed project, incorporating key design elements, sustainability considerations, and stakeholder engagement. They serve as essential tools for effective communication, decision-making, and successful project execution.

The Team has extensive experience covering several decades of representing clients and other organisations in securing the required outcomes from this process.

Online and in-person community consultation

Online community consultation involves utilising digital platforms and tools to engage with the community. This method offers convenience, accessibility, and the potential to reach a broader audience. Common practices include:

  • Virtual Meetings: webinars, video conferences, or live streams to present plans and designs, and allowing community members to ask questions and provide input in real-time.
  • Surveys and Questionnaires: Distributing online surveys through email or social media to gather structured feedback on specific aspects of the project.
  • Digital Feedback Portals: Creating dedicated websites or online forums where community members can leave comments, suggestions, and concerns related to the project.

In-person community consultation involves direct face-to-face interactions with community members, fostering a more personal and interactive experience. Common practices include:

  • Public Meetings: town halls, workshops, or focus groups where stakeholders can express their thoughts, concerns, and ideas in a public setting.
  • Site Visits: tours of the proposed development site, enabling community members to experience the context and potential impact first-hand.
  • Stakeholder Interviews: one-on-one or small group interviews with key community representatives to gain deeper insights into their perspectives.

Our planning consultancy services in Belfast include the following:

  • Site finding and feasibility assessments
  • Planning strategies
  • Management of planning applications
  • Preparation of supporting planning documents, including Planning Statements, Design and Access Statements, Pre-Application Consultation Reports
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Development Plan representations
  • Online and in-person community consultation
  • Discharge planning conditions
  • Planning appeals
  • Planning due diligence

Planning Consultancy - Related Services

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