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Update on the revisions to the ISO 14001 Standard

2nd April 2013

Further to a previous news article published on our website on 14 August 2012, advising of proposed changes to the ISO 14001 Standard, please find a brief update below.

The first Committee Draft has been published and is open to IEMA members only for consultation until 22 April 2013, click here for more details.

Proposed revisions include:

  • a new ‘high level structure’.
  • a new scope for the ISO 14001 Standard to allow greater integration of the ISO Standard into business processes and strategic decision making.
  • greater emphasis on KPIs and evaluation and demonstration of performance.
  • introduction of the ‘value chain’.
  • more externally focused: managing risks and opportunities across the value chain.

It is anticipated that a draft International Standard will be available in January 2014 with a final draft of the standard available from summer 2014. The new standard is expected to be published in January 2015, with an anticipated 18 month transition period for organisations registered to ISO 14001:2004 to conform to the new ISO 14001 Standard requirements.

It is anticipated that similar revisions will take place across all ISO standards and OHSAS 18001.