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U.K. Health & Safety Week – Inspiring excellence in health & safety

15th June 2015

Today marks the start of U.K. Health & Safety Week taking place from 15-19 June 2015.

In the 9 month period from April 14 – December 14, 176 work related fatalities have provisionally been recorded in Great Britain, compared with 133 for the previous year (April 13 – March 14). Source: HSE Website Statistics.

At the same time, occupational health cases are on the rise. The latest statistics (2012) show that 2,535 people died of mesothelioma (asbestos-induced cancer) due to past exposure to asbestos, while more than 1.2 million people are suffering from a work-related illness (2013/14). Source: HSE Website Statistics.

Health & Safety Week provides your organisation with an opportunity to reflect upon your health & safety management and procedures to ensure that you are protecting your employees’ health & safety and also complying with applicable health & safety legislation. Click here to visit the U.K. Health & Safety Week website.

Key areas to reflect upon include:

  • Are adequate working practices and procedures in place? Are they regularly reviewed?
  • Have you identified the hazards in your workplace, undertaken risk assessments and put appropriate control measures in place, where required?
  • Are your employees exposed to hazards in the workplace such as chemical, physical or biological agents? If so, do you have an occupational hygiene monitoring programme in place?
  • Do you have a regular audit schedule in place to check the effectiveness of your procedures and controls?
  • Are your accident statistics improving or increasing?

Our in-house Health & Safety and Occupational Hygiene Consultants can assist you to improve health & safety management in your workplace, consequently reducing your business risks and costs, through services including risk assessments, health & safety audits, staff training, and undertaking occupational hygiene monitoring programmes with improvement solutions, where appropriate.

During 2014, our health & safety legal compliance services aided our clients in identifying over 70 issues of non-compliance, 80 issues where there was potential for non-compliance to occur, and almost 200 opportunities for improvement.

See a difference in your business. It is better to knowplan and do something about issues in your workplace in a controlled manner, and to protect your workers health & safety. Let our health & safety experts help you to address your site’s health & safety compliance issues – before the HSE do!

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