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Today is World Environment Day

20th June 2019

World Environment Day is an opportunity for everyone to take stock of our environment our interaction with it and impact on it as businesses and individuals, and think, what can we do to better protect our environment. The theme for World Environment Day 2018 is, Beat Plastic Pollution, for more information see The World Environment Day website.

At Mabbett environment is our business as well as our passion. For over 22 years we have worked with clients to help them reduce environmental impact and save money.

Most companies are now embracing the ideas behind ‘cradle to cradle’ cycling for materials and products, leading naturally to circular economy models. These aim to retain material value before a material eventually may become a waste.

Blue Planet has particularly raised awareness of the problems of single use plastics and plastic waste in our environment – waste which could be avoided, or re-used.

In line with the Mabbett environmental policy, we aim to practice what we preach. On the basis of staff suggestions, we held a team discussion session on how we at Mabbett could go ‘plastic free’, some practical, easily implemented ideas generated by our staff included:

  • Minimising plastic training materials where possible e.g. switching to cardboard report fronts.
  • Utilising our own reusable cutlery – banning plastic single-use cutlery.
  • Sending any plastic catering packaging for events back to the producer for re-use.
  • Doing away with bins in each office to reduce use of plastic bin liners.

Reduce plastic use in your business? Interested in improving resource efficiency or have a circular economy idea you would like to discuss? Contact Carrie Brown on 0141 227 2302 or E: