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The Role of Planning and Contaminated Land in Community-led Developments to support Delivery of Net Zero

5th May 2021 - Written by Isabella Marshall

In this recorded webinar hosted by the Development Trusts Association Scotland (DTAS), Mabbett’s technical leads Isabella Marshall (Contaminated Land) and Susan Bell (Environmental Planning) discuss the roles that planning and contaminated land play in community-led developments and the opportunities that land development has to support the delivery of net zero.

Community-led development plays a key role in the regeneration of brownfield land where such investment can bring economic, social and environmental improvement to communities. But there are many challenges in the investment of derelict land for community-led developers.

Furthermore, land developers are now thinking about how to align with carbon neutrality and beyond net zero following the U.K. and Devolved Governments commitment to an ambitious target to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

There are many challenges ahead for community-led land development projects, but solutions can be found through partnerships, collaboration and innovation about how land assets can align with the net zero agenda.

Isabella Marshall

I am responsible for the Contaminated Land team and have extensive experience in assessing the impact of pollution to human health and land condition.