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Simplification to the CRC Scheme

28th June 2013

May 2013, saw the first of the changes to the CRC Scheme implemented by the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme Order 2013. After agreement that the scheme has historically been too complex, overlapping and costly, the new Order aims for simplification.

The key differences set by the 2013 Order include:

  • two sales of allowances for each compliance year, the first sale for estimated emissions, the later second sale as ‘buy to comply’, expected to be at higher prices.
  • the number of reportable fuels reduces from 29 to 2 – only emissions generated from electricity consumption and gas consumed for heating purposes.
  • after July 2013 league and performance tables will no longer be published.
  • although organisations will still need to submit an annual report on actual CRC emissions at the end of each reporting year they will no longer need to submit additional footprint reports.

With the initial phase commencing on 01 April 2014 the scheme will consist of six four-year phases, with the last of those starting on the 01 April 2039. It will remain the individual organisation’s responsibility to assess whether they qualify as a CRC scheme participant.

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How Mabbett can assist

To understand how these changes to the CRC Scheme may affect your organisation to include ensuring you are meeting your legal obligations on the introduction of these changes please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our team of experienced professionals can support with:

  • understanding your organisation’s obligations under CRC.
  • compliance audits.
  • carbon reduction strategies.
  • carbon reducing Engineered Solutions.
  • Energy and Carbon Management systems.

For further information and/or to discuss please contact Ross Ramsay, Environmental Engineer via email at: