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COMAH Regulations Compliance Support

With a detailed knowledge of COMAH (Control of Major AccidentChemical Sector Hazards) Regulations, our process safety team is experienced in the provision of a variety of COMAH-related consultancy services to assist our clients in strengthening their compliance, minimising their risk, and aligning with industry best practice. Our clients include a variety of Upper-Tier and Lower-Tier establishments, (as well as those transitioning from Lower-Tier to Upper-Tier status) across the chemical, pharmaceutical, oil/gas, manufacturing, food/drink and distilling sectors.

Our COMAH-related Consultancy Services

We provide all of the potential safety consultancy requirements, as listed below, associated with the maintenance of a Lower-Tier and Upper-Tier COMAH establishment.  

For Lower-Tier sites, Mabbett can assist with the preparation of  Major Accident Prevention Policy (MAPP) reports and for Upper-Tier sites, Mabbett can provide full COMAH Safety Report authoring services for both initial submissions and 5-yearly reviews.

Mabbett can also assist your business improve COMAH compliance and associated chemical management practices, via development of both environmental and health & safety management systems.

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To discuss any of the above or any other Process Safety requirements that you may have, please contact:

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