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Air Pollution Control

There is increasing awareness of the effects of pollution on the world in which we live.  As a result, public opinion and government Air Pollution Controlpolicy, together with the resulting environmental legislation, continues to demand even greater reductions in the volume and type of air pollutants emitted by industry.

Given this reality, Mabbett adopts a holistic approach to air pollution control.  Not only can Mabbett assist in the independent selection and design of proven abatement technologies, Mabbett also actively engage with our clients to help ensure that your processes are optimised so as to help in minimising pollution at the source.

By applying the waste hierarchy principles, along with Mabbett’s process abatement expertise, Mabbett is able to deliver tangible, cost-effective and value-added air pollution control solutions that are aligned to a business’s environmental needs.

Contact Michael Lynch, Director, Process Engineering & Safety via email at: to discuss further. Mr Lynch is a full member of the Institute of Air Quality Management (MIAQM).