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Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of CHemicals (REACH) Deadline 01 June 2013

28th May 2013

The deadline is approaching for the registration of substances manufactured or imported into the EU at quantities greater than or equal to 100 tonnes per annum. 01 June 2013 is the closing date for substance registration in this quantity threshold category.

This deadline is part of the phased process which started when Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of CHemicals (REACH) came into force in 2007. 01 June 2018, is the deadline for smaller manufacturers/importers supplying a substance above 1 tonne per annum.

The legislation aims, by 2018, to have a register of all substances being placed on the market in the E.U. The overall aim of REACH is the protection of human health and environment from chemical use and the free movement of substances within the E.U.

REACH applies to chemicals on their own, not mixtures. For mixtures, individual ingredients are to be registered. Examples of substances include:

  • Human and veterinary medicines;
  • Food and foodstuff additives, and
  • Plant protection products and biocides.

How to Register

Registration is the process of collecting, gathering and analysing information on the substances that you manufacture or import. The information is added to a registration dossier which can be downloaded from the International Uniform Chemical Information Database (IUCLID) and sent to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

Information required for the dossier:

  • Ingredients of every substance used;
  • Percentage used, and
  • Tonnage manufactured or imported.

What does this mean for chemical manufacturing businesses?

If you manufacture or import substances at a tonnage of 100 tonnes per annum or more, you must register by 01 June 2013, otherwise your company cannot legally manufacture or import the substances. Registration requires you to deliver technical data to ECHA on your chemicals and their hazards.

What if my business uses chemicals provided by a supplier in the U.K.?

Your business management systems should be asking suppliers for REACH compliance information.

How does REACH fit with my company’s Management System?

This is often cross-checked during EHS compliance audits as part of an Environmental Management System (e.g. ISO 14001). Business teams who may be involved in this include procurement and purchasing as well as health, safety and environmental departments.

How Mabbett can assist

Our environment team can assist with legal compliance audits and implementation of environmental management systems and supply chain projects to support your company’s compliance. Please contact Jamie Roddie for more information on 0141 227 2306 or

Our health and safety team can assist completing the dossier with chemical data. Please contact Omar Khalid to discuss should this be of interest on 0141 227 2326 or