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Dawnfresh Seafoods Ltd

Dawnfresh Seafoods Ltd commissioned Mabbett to conduct Occupational Hygiene projects to assist manage employee exposure pertaining to operator exposure to airborne substances and noise during fish processing processes.

Mabbett Approach and Delivery

Dawnfresh Seafoods Ltd (Dawnfresh) are a leading U.K. supplier of a variety of fresh and frozen seafood products, specialising in trout, scampi, breaded fish, smoked fish, marinated fish and mussels.

Dawnfresh commissioned Mabbett to conduct the following Occupational Hygiene projects to assist manage their obligations under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 (HSW Act) and subordinate legislation pertaining to operator exposure to airborne substances and noise during fish processing processes.

Occupational Hygiene Monitoring for Proteins in Air

During the cutting and washing of fresh fish and shellfish, including trout and prawns, operators can be exposed to proteins in the air. Dawnfresh implemented control measures to minimise operator exposure and requested monitoring be conducted to determine the effectiveness of these measures. The results of this monitoring programme were used to develop the internal risk assessment to help minimise any potential future risks.

Occupational Hygiene Monitoring for Airborne Dusts

Occupational hygiene monitoring has been undertaken in the Breading Department on more than one occasion to determine operators’ exposures to airborne dusts during routine activities, including the loading of hoppers with predust, batter and crumb coatings.

Occupational Noise Assessment

An occupational noise assessment was carried out to determine operators’ exposures to noise in the following areas: wet preparation; trout processing and packing; breading; scampi processing, and dispatch and the level of compliance with the regulations.

“Mabbett have supported Dawnfresh processing facilities across Scotland for a number of years with provision of environmental and health and & safety services (occupational hygiene), Mabbett provide a premium service, exactly what we are after.”

Tony Miller, Health, Safety and Environment Manager, Processing Sites

Project Outcomes

Dawnfresh witnessed the following benefits through engaging Mabbett for provision of occupational hygiene services.

  • Provision of practical and detailed technical reports, including recommendations as appropriate, which helped inform or assess the effectiveness of internal improvement measures and risk assessments.
  • Mabbett provided external expertise which is not held internally to assess compliance against health and safety legislation.
  • Mabbett offer a comprehensive service and are able to carry out a range of occupational hygiene monitoring services, as required.

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