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Mabbett Approach and Delivery

As part of the client operations a new effluent treatment plant was required to be installed to treat the raw effluent produced by their manufacturing facility in Scotland.

Our Process Engineers were appointed to conduct an independent technical and commercial review of the three best tender submissions submitted by water engineering companies for the new effluent treatment plant, each proposing a different treatment solution.

Review of tender submissions included initial review of site information and project conditions and also considered the best engineered solution for the Capital Project., and assessment of the commercial aspects of each engineering proposal against compliance to the various industry norms for similar Capital Projects.

On completion of the independent review and assessment of proposals, Mabbett produced a comprehensive report, summarising the results of the assessment. An action plan was presented to the client which identified all the various recommendations that will benefit the appointment of the best qualified Engineering contractor for the installation of the effluent treatment plant. The recommendation made also identified the cost savings and risk register for the Capital Project relating to the recommended engineering contractor.

Project Outcomes

The Client implemented our recommendations, resulting in a substantial Capital saving by appointing the best qualified engineering contractor for this project. It is estimated that the recommended actions has saved the client ca. £200K which equites to almost 40% saving on the total capital expenditure.

Our recommendations also ensured that the best technology and process design will be implemented for this Capital Project.

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