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Boston Networks

Mabbett assists Boston Networks with development of an Integrated Management System to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Mabbett Approach and Delivery

Mabbett were contacted by Boston Networks to assist in the development of their Integrated Management System (IMS), namely, update to the firm’s legacy ISO 9001 system which was in need of a refresh, plus the development of a new Environmental Management System (EMS) to ISO 14001 to help drive continual improvement in the business, control project related activities, reduce the company’s environmental impact and meet with supply chain requirements.

The IMS is used to control site works throughout the U.K. as well as their helpdesk and support services based in Hillington.

Mabbett assisted with the full development of the EMS to include: preparation of core EMS documentation (Legal and Aspects Registers and IMS Manual and procedures); Environmental Review; development of Monitoring and Measurement data, and internal audits as well staff awareness training.

“I wish to personally thank everyone at Mabbett who assisted us to achieve registration to ISO 14001. This will have a huge impact on the success of our tendering process for Public Sector clients who are putting a higher focus on this registration. The auditor was very pleased with the management systems as whole, the attitude and competence of staff and the good practice he witnessed in both the office and on site. It has been a long road but we got there and have been given some great suggestions on how we can move forward.”

Charlotte Bruce, IMS Manager at Boston Networks

Project Outcomes

Boston Networks IMS project results included:

  • successful recertification to ISO 9001 and certification to ISO 14001.
  • environment and quality awareness training conducted for all staff.
  • implementation of vehicle trackers for all Boston Network vans is anticipated to identify a saving of approximately £6,200 per annum, based on previous year usage.
  • cost savings are expected as a result of operation processes being streamlined through the implementation of the IMS and operational control procedures.
  • it is expected that efficiencies in electricity and gas usage through the implementation of ISO 14001 will result in cost savings to the company in the region of 4% per year.
  • a measurable increase in project wins due to the successful certification to ISO 14001 and recertification of ISO 9001, likely to be significant to the business in the years ahead.
  • Boston Networks employees have been trained successfully as Internal IMS Auditors.

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