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HSE Changes To Welding Fume Control Standards

28th January 2019

Do your processes include welding operations?  Then you should be aware that the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has announced raised control standards for welding fume.  Stating that all forms of welding fume can cause cancer, these raised control standards are enforced with immediate effect under Regulation 7 of the COSHH Regulations.

To enable compliance with the raised standards, control in the form of local exhaust ventilation (LEV) is required during all indoor welding tasks. If LEV is unable to control fume capture, then Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) is also required.  Outdoor welding requires the use of RPE.  You can read more at

What measures do you currently have in place to protect your workers who carrying out welding?  Mabbett can assist with the design, operation and examination of LEV systems, and can also carry out occupational hygiene monitoring to evaluate exposures to welding fume and assist employers in validating their control measures.

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