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Helping others this Christmas…

20th December 2013

Mabbett recognises how important our local community is to our business so we continue to invest our resources in supporting it on a proactive basis. As part of our Community Engagement Programme, during the month of December, Mabbett has invested in and supported Glasgow City Mission (GCM).

GCM is the world’s first City Mission. Since 1826, they have been showing care to vulnerable adults and children by fighting against poverty and disadvantage in Glasgow. The work the GCM team does there for others is extraordinary and overwhelming.

The work that they do is also unfortunately in high demand especially since the welfare changes that came into effect since April this year. Recently, Scotland Today reported a 5 fold increase in Scots using food banks – see this article for further information.

GCM was introduced to our firm by our very own Kevin MacLennan. This year our staff have contributed in 2 main ways:

  • Food parcelling on Thursday 12 December 2013 by James, Lee, Claire, Suzie, Nicola, Ian and Carrie.
  • Painting the house of a recently re-housed GCM client to make it more of a home in time for Christmas on Tuesday 17 December 2013 by Gara, Lee, Suzie, Jill and Derek. 

For some of our staff, this was the first time they had volunteered at the centre – but whether returning or new volunteers, everyone was astounded, both at the need for help, and at the incredible work GCM does.

GCM need continuous financial support to sustain their organisation. If you are interested in donating, please see GCM Website for further information.

As mentioned above, the demand on the centre is heavy and as a result they are extremely short of tins of meat (e.g. corned beef, hot dogs, etc.) and puddings (e.g. fruit, rice pudding, custard, etc.). We are currently collecting tinned food in our office to contribute – you and your colleagues/family/friends could do this too! Should you wish more information about GCM, please see their website here or get in touch with GCM Marketing & Fundraising Manager Graham Steven on

Thank you goes to our staff for their active participation in these interventions. To find out more about our Community Engagement Programme, please feel free to contact Suzanne Maclean on Mabbett value the community we operate within and are proud to help it truly See a Difference in the most humbling of ways.