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Green Skills Training with Mabbett – kick start your career in environment and sustainability

10th October 2023 - Written by Josephine Fricke

As an Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) Training Centre, Mabbett delivers a suite of Green Skills training courses. For our course delivery, we draw on our staff’s long-standing expertise in environmental management and sustainability offering a very practical and business focused training experience. The training delivery alongside our consultancy work empowers our clients in becoming environmentally aware. Moreover, it equips them to deal with the increasing demand for skilled workers in sustainability within their organisations. Their workforce feels more empowered and as a key part in the organisations’ drive towards sustainability and decarbonisation.

One of our increasingly popular courses is the IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management. This five-day training course is specially designed to cover the core elements of sustainability and environmental management as well as related governance principles. With the course leading directly to the Associate Membership with IEMA, delegates receive high recognition for their learning efforts. It also opens the doors to a wide network of sustainability and environmental professionals.

The Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management is right for everybody!

With no pre-requisite requirements, the IEMA Certified Foundation Certificate Course in Environmental Management is a suitable introductory course for new sustainability professionals or, those seeking a formal business focused qualification. As such, Mabbett have trained a variety of professionals in the past decade, including Marketing and Finance experts, Environmental, Health & Safety staff, and organisations’ Procurement teams.

Additionally, we are proud to have delivered our course to delegates from a large spectrum of industries. These include, for example, Chemical Manufacturing, Agriculture, Professional Services, Construction, and many more. Overall, we have successfully trained over 180 delegates since 2014.

We see that ‘green skills’ are an essential training to upskill the workforce on matters they will meet in the future of conducting business. This is especially important with rising environmental scrutiny and regulations on sustainability and environmental performance.

Making the training fit our delegates’ needs

We have seen an increased interest in the course in the past years. While the global pandemic impacted many organisations’ work patterns, our team at Mabbett did their utmost to keep the training going by shifting the training course to a live virtual classroom. This proved to be a successful transition that increased the reach of our training which is why we stayed online for our training course ever since.

When asking our delegates about their experience on the course, we have received a resounding number of positive responses. The biggest takeaway for our training team was that delegates immensely value the experience and breadth of knowledge our experienced trainers can draw upon. Our trainees also enjoyed how our trainers aim to relate the content to the different industries and perspectives based on the background of the delegates. As a result, the content was more approachable, more likely to be remembered and applied in the future.

The next course is scheduled for late November 2023 (IEMA Foundation Certificate Course in Environmental Management course overview and register) which will bring this years’ IEMA training to a close for Mabbett. Nevertheless, we are looking forward to celebrating our 10th year delivering our IEMA certified Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management 2024 programme.

Josephine Fricke

After my MSc in Environmental Entrepreneurship, I support the delivery of environmental and sustainability projects as well as training delivery.