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ESOS Enforcement Relaxed – Good news for ISO 50001?

14th October 2015

The ESOS deadline of 05 December 2015 remains, however, The Environment Agency has announced that there will be discretion exercised until 29 January 2016 before enforcement action is employed. Qualifying organisations must inform The Environment Agency if they will not make the 05 December 2015 compliance deadline.

Furthermore, should you wish to comply with ESOS via ISO 50001, the extension date to achieve this is now 30 June 2016. For full details, see the official Environment Agency’s ESOS Newsletter.

Relief for some, but a deadline is still in place!

The key benefit for some is that there is now more time to consider ISO 50001 certification as a route to compliance – with the extended timescale potentially making it a more realistic target for many organisations.

  • Did your organisation consider ISO 50001 as a route to compliance but you had concerns over meeting the 05 December 2015 deadline?
  • Do you have policies and procedures in place aligned to ISO 50001?

Achieving certification to ISO 50001 may assist your organisation to meet corporate goals and/or adopt a more structured, sustainable approach to energy management and continuous improvement.

Given the significant extension to ISO 50001 certification deadline, obligated organisations may consider changing tact and choosing to implement ISO 50001 instead of carrying out ESOS energy audits.

What next?

Call us now to discuss your options. With a team of five ESOS Lead Assessors and experienced ISO 50001 energy management systems consultants, we want you to maximise your energy saving opportunity through ESOS compliance, to improve your site energy efficiency and reduce costs – so you See a Difference.

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