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DSEAR and the Distillery Sector

26th April 2019

The craft distillery sector is booming in the UK, with the number of gin distilleries almost tripling from 128 in 2012 to an incredible 361 in 2019, and more than 130 active whisky distilleries in Scotland alone.

With so many newcomers to the sector, operators may be unaware of their duties under The Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmosphere Regulations, 2002 (DSEAR). Since the processing of grains and cereals, and the distilling and storage of alcohol present the risk of explosion, you must identify and control these hazards to protect workers and members of the public.

Even without a serious incident that results in damage, injury or loss of life, non-compliance can have serious consequences, with those found in breach of DSEAR subject to heavy fines or even jail time.

Mabbett can support distillers of all sizes with all aspects of DSEAR compliance Рfrom hazardous area classification and preparing risk assessments to selection of equipment and design of engineering solutions. To find out more, please visit