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An unusual Training Day at the Hard Rock Cafe!

25th November 2015

Twice a year, Mabbett organises and hosts a Mabbett Training Day (MTD) for all staff to attend – with the purpose being to share ideas, gather feedback, have a company update, build team relationships and boost skills.

The final MTD of 2015 did not disappoint! Being held in the iconic Hard Rock Cafe on Buchanan Street, many employees rocked up in their leather jackets, ready for some business. We started the day with a presentation from the Directors, followed by 5 team presentations (Environment Team; Health and Safety Team; Mechanical and Electrical Team; Process Team; and a Training Team update). We value the opportunity that this gives to staff, as it allows individuals to perfect their presenting skills through constructive feedback forms. Before lunch, Mabbett Chairman, Arthur Mabbett, gave an insightful talk, sharing experience and best practice. The importance of Persistence, Integrity, Passion and Sustainability remains strong in Mabbett.

The afternoon was divided – half discussed three hidden envelope questions, in order to tease out some good ideas for the business going forward; while the other half attempted to Escape. Quite literally, ESCAPE the room that they were locked in…see here if you would like to do this in your business – it was fantastic!

Closing up the day, of course, we enjoyed some all American steak.

We’re thankful for all the effort that our staff put in and we’ve found the Training Days to be invaluable. Already looking forward to the next one – but not before some work gets done!