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Strathclyde Fire & Rescue witness 40% reduction in energy consumption over ten years

Strathclyde Fire & Rescue

Mabbett Project Approach and Delivery:

Mabbett was first commissioned by Strathclyde Fire & Rescue (SFR) in 2002 to conduct an energy survey and since the completion of this survey, Mabbett has been retained by SFR to conduct multiple energy conservation and mechanical and electrical engineering design projects to include:

  • various design projects for low energy heating, ventilation, air conditioning and renewable energy systems.
  • energy monitoring and analysis to assist SFR in determining the effectiveness of measures.
  • numerous reviews of new and emerging technologies to assist SFR in evaluating their suitability to the services estate.
  • further energy surveys and identification of numerous low/no cost measures to reduce energy consumption.

Mabbett was also retained by SFR to develop an energy reduction strategy to align SFR’s own targets with the Scottish Government’s aim of reducing carbon emissions by 42% between 1990 and 2020. A recent review of energy consumption across SFR’s estate revealed a 39% reduction in energy consumption and an associated 31% reduction in carbon emissions between 1990 and 2011, demonstrating that SFR is well on the way to meeting the ambitious targets set by the Scottish Government. This was achieved by focusing resources on measures that would make a real difference within limited budgets. Many of the improvements related to heating systems and their control.  As a result, the proportion of SFR’s energy consumption associated with heating has fallen from 83% in 1994 to 63% in 2011, saving over £750,000 per year at today’s prices.

Project Outcomes:

Working alongside Mabbett for the last 10 years, SFR has witnessed a near 40% reduction in energy consumption through the implementation of ‘sensible energy solutions’ and good energy management.

SFR has gained a better understanding of where energy is used across their estate, enabling more effective use of resources to improve systems and make savings. Furthermore, Mabbett has helped SFR evaluate new technologies (e.g. renewables) as they have emerged, ensuring only those technologies which provide cost effective carbon and energy reduction are applied.