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Waste Awareness

Waste Awareness including the new Waste (Scotland) Regulations 2012.

Courses available on request.


This 1-day training course aims to be fast yet effective foWaste Management (sector)r the time-poor professional in industry, and is facilitated by experienced Mabbett environmental professionals. 

The course is highly participative, offering specialist advice and is designed to inform delegates on practical steps that can be taken to reduce a business’s costs, minimise environmental impact on the business operations and importantly, help ensure compliance with the requirements of the Waste (Scotland) Regulations 2012 that came into effect on the 01 January 2014.

The requirements for businesses include the following:

  • All businesses and organisations to present key recyclable material for collection from 01 January 2014.
  • Food waste businesses producing over 50kg of food waste per week to present it for separate collection from 01 January 2014.
  • Food waste businesses producing over 5kg of food waste per week to present it for separate collection from 01 January 2016.
  • A ban on the use of macerators to discharge food waste into the public sewer from 01 January 2016.

Who should attend?

No prior environmental management experience is required; however, each delegate should take time prior to attending to get familiar with their organisation’s waste management practice to gain the maximum benefit. This will allow each delegate to relate the elements covered in the training to their own organisation. 

Benefits to you and your organisation:

On successful completion of this training course, delegates will be better able to:

  • Recognise how the requirements of the Waste (Scotland) Regulations 2012 will affect your business.
  • Understand how your business can act in accordance with the waste hierarchy set out in the regulations.
  • Identify opportunities for minimising waste and work out simple cost-benefit analysis to support the business case for change.
  • Recognise that cutting out waste at source is the most environmentally friendly and cost effective strategy.
  • Plan effective measures for segregating wastes and reducing disposal costs.
  • Define the different legal categories of waste and apply these definitions to the waste produced in your workplace.
  • Understand issues which make waste materials ‘difficult’ to handle and dispose of.
  • Gain greater understanding of the waste management industry and working with waste contractors.

Delegates will also be given useful information including who to contact for more advice, useful websites, and making contact with the regulatory authorities.

Delegate Information:

Course materials will be provided, start/finish times 09.00 to 16.30.

Lunch and light refreshments are included in the cost.

Please click here to download a course flyer which includes details of the course Aims and Objectives.