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Green Supply Chain Procurement

Course available on request.


Private organisations are major providers as well as consumers of goods andTraining Courses services, playing an ever increasing role in maintaining and improving sustainability. Using current good practices and making the correct selection of environmentally friendly goods and services are key factors contributing to sustainability. Procurement contracts are coming under increased scrutiny in the purchase making decisions. This course has been designed to provide a basis for understanding the role of Green Supply Chain Procurement and the ways in which it can influence and be supportive of meeting social expectations.

This 1-day course is designed for Senior Managers and key management representatives, it provides a clear insight into Green Supply Chain Principles and Practice across the private sector.


This 1 day course provides a clear insight into the key aspects of Green Supply Chain Procurement within the EU.

Who should attend?

Procurement Directors and key managers who are responsible for purchasing decision making and who wish to implement a positive Green Supply Chain Management process.

Course Objectives

On successful completion of the programme delegates will be able to:

  • Appreciate the drivers for the implementation of a green supply chain.
  • Understand the key principles in green supply chain procurement.
  • Engage with stakeholders in a fully informed and authoritative manner.
  • Undertake preliminary steps in the development of a suitable green procurement process.

Course Content

  • Overview of Green Supply Chain Procurement - Key principles.
  • Green Supply Chain Procurement in the EU - Criteria and key products/services.
  • Sustainability Road Mapping and Action Plans.
  • Legal issues in complying with sustainability.
  • Implementing a Green Supply Chain Management system.
  • Green Public Procurement - Toolkits and Workshop.