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Environmental Awareness

Course available on request.


This course is designed to raise a manager's environmental awareness from all Training Coursessections of an organisation. After completion, delegates will have an appreciation of the key environmental issues relevant to businesses, but also to their everyday activities.

Course Aim

To give managers a better knowledge of the main issues related to environmental management and sustainability.

Course Objectives

On completing the course candidates will be able to:

  • Describe the major environmental concerns.
  • Identify and explain the environmental aspects and impacts of their work.
  • Describe measures that can be implemented to reduce environmental impacts.
  • State the benefits of good environmental management.

Course Content


  • Major environmental concerns such as global warming, depletion of the ozone layer and acid rain.
  • The concept of sustainability.
  • Definition of environmental aspects and impacts, and how these relate to their work.


  • The importance of compliance with environmental law. Penalties and Regulators.

Water Pollution

  • Major concerns and sources of water pollution.
  • The concept of groundwater and the importance of preventing pollution.
  • The link between groundwater pollution and contaminated land.
  • Measures to reduce water pollution (e.g. correct storage and disposal of hazardous substances, significance of foul and storm-water drains, bunding, refuelling and cleaning practices, dealing with sediments, the use of spill-kits).


  • Main contributing factors and mitigating measures (e.g. energy use, alternative energy sources).


  • Major issues relating to waste management such as disposal, storage, housekeeping and recycling.
  • Principles of good management and the consequences of poor waste management.
  • The importance of good site security.
  • The importance of the Waste Duty of Care and compliance with regulatory requirements (e.g. Special (Hazardous) waste).


  • Discussion of the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, documentation and importance.
  • Summary of course.

Course Delivery

  • Delivery will include a mixture of exposition, exercise scenarios, PowerPoint presentation and video. Emphasis will be placed on engaging delegates in discussion through the use of relevant exercises.