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Behavioural Safety Awareness

Course available on request.


Accidents cost money, either directly or indirectly, with the best intentions Training Coursesorganisations have over the years invested heavily in developing their staff to become health and safety proficient, this has driven down accident statistics to a level that is now at a plateau, something has to change if further reductions have to be made, this can only be achieved if people recognise they are the main source of accidents and are willing to look at their own behaviour in the workplace.

Course Objectives

  • To help  delegates  to  gain  a  sound  knowledge  of  what  drives  people  to behave as they do in the context of safety.
  • To equip delegates with the necessary behaviours and skills to influence others to behave more safely.
  • To give delegates an understanding of unsafe behaviour and to equip them with skills to devise strategy for change in individuals and groups.
  • To help delegates to measure and change cultural issues at work in the short, medium and long term.
  • To challenge delegates to improve their performance within motivation, communication and persuasion in risk control.

Course Content


Drivers for improving health and safety at work:

  • Legal, moral and financial.

The H&S Challenge

  • What causes accidents - the human factor.
  • Perception of risk, and its impact on incident/accident.
  • The risk of complacency and lack of focus.

Understanding the Problem

  • What is behaviour?
  • Errors and violations.
  • Culture - what is accepted?

The Essentials of Leadership

  • Leadership behaviour and its influence on safety performance.
  • Managing through consequences.
  • Principles of motivation.

Joined-Up Safety

  • How to develop a holistic response to health and safety.
  • Next steps.

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