I specialise in waste, sustainability and behaviour change and support clients to develop lean and efficient data-driven management practices.

Christopher Allen

Senior Environmental Consultant

I am a health & safety professional with over 7 years experience across various industries. Experience includes ISO 45001 internal auditing, COSHH & risk assessments and procedure development.

Claire Anderson

Occupational Health and Safety Consultant

BSc (Hons), MSc, Tech IOSH

I undertake European Protected Species Surveys and work as an ECoW. I am a licenced bat worker and rehabilitate injured bats for the bat conservation trust.

Emma Archer

Senior Consultant (Ecology & ECoW)

BSc (Hons)

I have over 7 years’ experience working in oil and gas brownfield offshore and onshore design/pharma projects with expertise in design safety considerations namely DSEAR reporting; hazard studies, and onshore process safety risk assessments.

Sriram Balasubramanyam

Senior Process Safety Engineer

BEng, MSc, AMIChemE

With over 30 years administrative experience, my role as Business Support Coordinator is to provide a professional, proactive support service to the team and support with development and maintenance of our IMS.

Pauline Barlow

Business Support Co-ordinator

I am a Chartered Town Planner and experienced Environmental Impact Assessment Practitioner with over 9 years’ experience supporting developments through the planning process from early feasibility through to the discharge of planning conditions.

Susan Bell

Principal Environmental Planner


I am an environmental consultant with a focus in acoustics and air quality. I have over 12 years’ regulatory and private consultancy experience, specialising in air and noise impact assessments.

Matthew Bevington

Senior Environmental Consultant


My aim is for sustainable growth of our great team to support our interesting client base. I would describe my technical strength as being an environmental generalist - which is actually harder to achieve than it sounds.

Geraldine Boylan

Director, Environment


I am a process engineer helping clients to identify, design and implement engineering solutions to improve process efficiency and achieve financial and carbon savings.

Euan Brown

Process Engineer

MEng, AMIChemE

Throughout my career, I have proven success in managing high profile projects and ensuring all work streams are delivered to high standards, and within the stipulated timescales and budgets.

Jonathon Brown

Senior Process Engineer

BEng MSc

I'm a process safety engineer with 7 years’ experience in various industries with leading independent safety and risk consultancies.

Kieran Bruce

Senior Process Safety Engineer


I support clients to deliver cost effective drainage solutions and achieve regulatory compliance for a variety of residential, commercial and industrial projects.

David Clark

Environmental Coordinator

BSc (Hons)

I support the engineering team with a variety of environmental engineering projects to include pollution control, resource efficiency and waste minimisation and supporting permit/planning applications.

Nicholas Clark

Environmental Engineer

MEng, AMIChemE

I have particular expertise in Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments and landscape masterplanning for a range of commercial, industrial, residential and renewable energy development sites.

Scott Cochran-Sharp

Senior Landscape Architect


I am a compliance specialist with additional extensive experience of Air Quality Impact Assessment, sustainability management and of environmental auditing and risk management.

Dr Dan Colby

Principal Environmental Consultant

BSc(Hons), PhD

I have completed an MSc in Leadership for Sustainable Development. I have experience in undertaking carbon accounting, land management plans, sustainability and developing carbon literacy projects.

Adam Copeland

Agri-Food and Sustainability Consultant


I'm an Environmental Compliance Consultant with a particular focus on environmental compliance, contaminated land and PPC permitting support.

Jill Cottrell

Senior Environmental Compliance Consultant


I am an experienced Mechanical Engineer focused on delivering engineering solutions using low carbon technologies to directly support clients towards their Net Zero Targets.

Robert Coyle

Senior Mechanical Engineer


As Senior Energy Engineer I focus on energy and infrastructure optimisation, assisting the transition to Net Zero. I have 12 years’ experience in engineering, manufacturing and power plant industries.

Kenny Dow

Senior Energy Engineer

MEng, CEng, MIMechE

I'm experienced in protected species surveys including bats, badger, otter, water vole, red squirrel, great crested newts and reptiles, conducting Preliminary Ecological Appraisals.

Emma Downie

Senior Consultant (Ecology & ECoW)


As Manager of Energy and Environment Services for Mabbett throughout Northern Ireland & Republic of Ireland, my focus is to assist private and public sector organisations to go beyond legal compliance and See a Difference in their environmental performance.

Rob Duncan

Manager of Energy and Environment Services, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland


I design engineered solutions to optimise energy performance as well as achieve financial and carbon savings across commercial, industrial and leisure sectors.

John Fergusson

Mechanical Engineer


I am a lifelong ecologist with experience in most aspects of ecology for onshore wind and housing developments, as well as marine mammals and ornithology for 18 offshore wind projects.

Paul Gill

Principal Consultant - Ecology

BA (Oxon), MSc (Imperial College), APMQ, MCIEEM

I am a process safety engineer bringing 5 years of experience in the high-hazard nuclear, and manufacturing industries to this role.

Adam Goldie

Process Safety Engineer

MEng, AMIChemE

I have been a graphic designer for over 25 years and have been specialising in photomontage, GIS and visibility mapping since 2004. I love using maps, 3D, visualisations and animation to tell the story of a project or process.

Crawford T. Greenfield

Senior Visualisation and Graphics Specialist

I am an Environmental Consultant specialising in waste prevention and sustainability auditing; ISO 14001 & ISO 50001; circular economy business development and research; construction environment services, and GIS data collection and mapping.

Alexandre Fintoni

Environmental Consultant

BA (Hons), MSc

I provide technical engineering design and support services for a variety of environmental engineering, operations and consulting projects.

James Forbes

Director, Engineering


I focus on low carbon technologies including solar PV, biomass, heat pumps, combined heat & power and small-scale district heating in various sectors.

Stuart Gibb

Senior Energy Engineer

BEng(Hons), AMEI

I am a Chartered Chemical Engineer with over 8 years of experience in process design, operation and troubleshooting with an affinity for Process Safety.

David Gladman

Process Safety Engineer

CEng, MIChemE

From a young age I was always interested in the plants and animals that surrounded me. My interest led me to develop a strong knowledge in botany and ornithology.

Darren Graham


MSc, BSc (Hons), ACIEEM

I am a Geo-Environmental Engineer helping to deliver projects of all sizes throughout the UK and Ireland.

Cody Izatt

Geo-Environmental Engineer

BSc (Hons), FGS

I'm a Chartered Health and Safety Practitioner with over 25 years experience in occupational health and safety practice. Specialist areas include legal compliance and occupational hygiene.

Omar Khalid

Manager, Health and Safety


I came to Scotland over 15 years ago and have been working as an environmental consultant ever since. My specialisms are ornithology and ecology and I support projects from feasibility to planning, into pre-commencement, through construction and operation.

Stephanie Kiel

Principal Environmental Consultant - Ecologist


My role as Director, Operations is to make sure that we have the systems and procedures in place to support our team . I’m still involved on the technical side through as an Energy Engineer, supporting the country transition to Net Zero Carbon.

Andy Lee

Director, Operations


I undertake personal exposure monitoring and occupational noise assessments as well as health & safety legal compliance audits and development of health & safety legal registers.

Kevin Lilly

Occupational Health, Safety & Hygiene Consultant

BSc (Hons), DipNEBOSH, GradIOSH

I am an experienced business development professional and Chartered Marketer with expertise in client relationship management, networking, event management, marketing communications, social media. As Training Manager I also coordinate delivery of training.

Suzanne Lindsay

Marketing and Training Manager


As Director of the Engineering Group I over see the provision of technical support to a variety of industrial clients relating to pollution control, environmental compliance, M&E design and energy.

Michael Lynch

Senior Director, Engineering & Safety


Founder of Mabbett & Associates, Inc. (USA, 1980); Mabbett & Associates, Ltd (UK, 1996) and Veterans Business Supply, Inc. (USA, 2015).

Arthur N. Mabbett



As Business Support Coordinator, my role is to provide a comprehensive, professional, proactive, business support service to Team Mabbett, with tasks ranging from project and financial support to tender preparation and CRM management.

Charlotte Maddock

Business Support Co-ordinator

BA (Hons), MSc

I am a chemical engineer by education, working within the Process Safety Team. I have experience supporting clients with key process safety deliverables in both the design and operation stages.

Gordon Magilton

Process Safety Engineer

MEng, AMIChemE

I am responsible for the Contaminated Land team and have extensive experience in assessing the impact of pollution to human health and land condition.

Isabella Marshall

Senior Geo-environmental Engineer


I have a down-to-earth approach to assisting clients achieve regulatory compliance, implement good practice, realise cost reductions and succeed at reducing business risk so they See a Difference!

Derek J. McNab

Managing Director

CEng, CSci, CEnv, FIChemE, MIEMA

I am an Environmental Engineer supporting clients on variety of projects such as environmental permitting, air quality management and air and water pollution control.

Melissa McNicol

Environmental Engineer

MEng, AMIChemE

I work within the Mabbett Processing Engineering team, and I support clients with a range of environmental engineering projects, such as glint & glare assessments, air dispersion modelling, pollution prevention and control, and resource efficiency.

Myria Monoyiou

Environmental Engineer

MEng, AMIChemE

I am a chartered environmental engineer and scientist with more than 35 years’ experience specialising in both water and wastewater treatment technologies.

Dr John Morgan

Water & Waste Water Engineer


I support with technical delivery of environmental projects to include: energy, water, packaging and waste resource efficiency audits and implementation, circular economy and verification of sustainability plans for food and drink companies.

Jonathan Morton

Environmental Consultant

BSc (Hons), AIEMA

I provide technical support for environmental consulting projects to include: chemical management and REACH, circular economy, ISO 14001 management systems, environmental legal compliance and net zero.

Kayleigh O’Neill

Environmental Consultant

BSc (Hons), MSc

As Director - Planning and Development, I am responsible for the growth and management of our construction and development client base and overseeing professional service delivery within the planning and development group.

Jamie Roddie

Director, Planning & Development


I'm an experienced acoustic consultant with over 16 years’ experience of undertaking environmental noise impact assessments to support planning applications for industrial, residential, waste management, minerals and power generation projects.

Ruth Sargent

Principal Environmental Consultant

BSc (Hons) MSc PGDip MIOA

I am an Environmental Engineer and my specialisation is in water conservation strategies and solutions, and I also have significant international experience in design, operations, and capital works.

Julian Shortt

Senior Environmental Engineer


I am a knowledgeable and skilled environmental consultant with outstanding academic achievements and broad project experience. My areas of expertise include Carbon Footprint Assessments, Environmental Legal Compliance and Circular Economy.

Petya Toncheva

Environmental Consultant

BSc, MSc

I hold over 30 years experience in all aspects of town and regional planning including for local authorities, developers and consultancy; from national planning to development management and from senior management to hands-on practitioner.

John Warren

Principal Planner

Chartered Town Planner, M.Soc.Sc., PMP, LEED(ND)

I am an experienced ecologist with specialisms in birds and protected species surveys in particular water vole, otter, pine marten and red squirrel.

Andrew Whitelee

Senior Environmental Consultant (Construction)

BSc, MIEnvSc, APM Associate

I support with technical delivery of process safety projects to include EMF and DSEAR risk assessments, Hazard Operability (HAZOP) Studies, in addition to various risk analysis projects.

Laura Wilson

Process Safety Engineer

MEng, AMIChemE

I'm an experienced engineering professional with over 10 years of process safety, process engineering and environmental engineering consultancy experience, having provided support to a wide range of public and private sector clients.

Paul Young

Director, Safety

CEng, MIChemE

I'm a Senior Process Safety Engineer and Associate Member of the IChemE, with over 10 years’ experience in the fields of process engineering, process safety and risk analysis across a variety of high-hazard industries.

Keighley Ziolkowski

Manager, Process Safety

BEng, MSc (Dist), AMIChemE