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Process Safety

A large number of businesses use dangerous substances within their processes and have a duty to demonstrate that they have fully identified and managed the associated risks.  If this applies to you, does your business have an effective basis of safety in place to control risk? 

The development of a Process Safety management system is vitally important in minimising the risk of equipment failure, fire and explosion, and loss of containment incidents, all of which have the potential to seriously harm human health and/or the environment.  Such incidents can also result in major breaches of legislative compliance, with the potential for significant reputational and financial losses.

Regardless of your business size or speciality, our experienced and approachable team will assist you in identifying and better understanding your site-specific hazards, and evaluating risk, as well as advising on legal responsibilities and best practice control measures to ensure your operational risks are minimised.  Further details of our comprehensive service offering are outlined below.