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Process Safety

In today’s competitive business environment, demonstrating effective process safety management is of fundamental importance to businesses involved in the chemical, oil and gas, power generation, industrial and manufacturing sectors. Process Safety Icon - Swiss Cheese

Process safety management is applied to minimise the risk of equipment failure, explosions and fires, involuntary releases of chemicals and other hazardous materials, which may seriously harm employees, plant and the environment – and consequently result in major reputational and financial losses.

Mabbett’s suite of specialised process safety services can assist your business to minimise risk, and strengthen performance in relation to a number of aspects of process safety. Our approach is clear yet comprehensive – we’ll work diligently with your business to first identify and thoroughly assess risk, then develop sensible, site-specific risk management solutions based on optimising your processes and procedures.

Did you spot the Swiss cheese?

In selecting a logo for our professional process safety services, the team wanted to reflect the Swiss Cheese Model of accident causation in risk analysis and risk management. Our diverse range of professional process safety services help our clients to add multiple layers of protection to their business and in doing so reduce their business risk, save money and ensure compliance. It’s a logo that’s hopefully memorable too!