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Electrical and Mechanical Isolations

A Lockout Tagout (LOTO) system is a safety measure adopted by companies to Lockout Tagoutadequately manage the hazards associated with working around live cables and hazardous substances during intrusive activities such as maintenance and site specific operations. A good LOTO programme, that is well maintained and integrated with staff, can help reduce the risk of injury or fatality within the working environment.

Mabbett professional engineers assist our clients to develop and implement site specific LOTO programmes. LOTO services provided include:

  • Gap analysis: Mabbett will undertake a gap analysis to review current work practices, isolation procedures, isolation documentation and best practice guides being adhered too. The findings are presented as a gap analysis report that identifies further actions to be taken and a detailed action plan.
  • Development of LOTO programme: Mabbett will develop LOTO procedures for the safe isolation of equipment and processes on site. We will provide site specific procedure sheets and risk assessments for the surveyed areas, or can develop bespoke templates to meet the needs of the client.
  • Development of company policies: Mabbett can assist in the development of company policies, to include details of general requirements, responsibilities, isolation devices etc.
  • Staff training: Mabbett can deliver training based on the developed LOTO programme so operators and maintenance workers are all made clear as to their responsibilities in the company isolation policy.

Contact Andrew Lee at or 0141 227 2300 to discuss further.