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Management, Operation and Maintenance

Mabbett can provide environmental engineering solutions in situ on-site at our client’s facilities. Mabbett’s environmental engineering MOMexperience and services include the management, operation and maintenance of air pollution control systems, effluent treatment systems and water recycling systems to meet legislative and/or internal quality standards.

With a full-time or part-time on-site presence, our engineers and technicians can help to substantially improve the environmental engineering system’s performance through effective management and process interface.  Mabbett does this by:

  • directly managing system operators;
  • providing tailored standard operating procedures and checklists to more effectively and efficiently  manage operations;
  • providing technical science and engineering depth and expertise; and
  • providing on-site technician and engineering support to out-source system operations, as necessary

These services are closely related to our process engineering services and are designed to deliver a cost effective, value added and integrated environmental engineering approach.

Contact Michael Lynch, Director, Process Engineering & Safety, via email at: to discuss further.