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Energy Management

Much of the knowledge and experience held by Mabbett’s engineering teams has been built on the foundation of our long standing andEnergy Conservation recognised energy management work.  Mabbett’s expertise has been acquired over many years by working with numerous organisations, across multiple industry sectors.  Drawing on this knowledge and experience, Mabbett can design and implement the appropriate energy strategy for any client.

Mabbett’s focus is to provide real cost-benefits and valued added results for our clients, through energy conservation measures that range from simple adjustments, to complex energy-saving installations.

Mabbett’s energy management services include:

  • site or technology-specific energy appraisal;
  • organisational energy strategies;
  • engineering design, construction oversight and management implementation support; and
  • metering strategy and analysis.

Contact Andrew Lee at or 0141 227 2300 to discuss further.