A Phase 1 Desk Study is a preliminary contamination risk assessment for a development site which may be required to support a planning application, to inform land acquisition or to secure lending.

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The first stage of a Phase 1 Desk Study (Contaminated Land Risk Assessment) is to develop an initial Conceptual Site Model (CSM) to identify potential pollutant-source-pathway relationships and the inferred level of risk to human health, property, protected species, and the environment.

What is included in a Phase 1 Desk Study?

We assess publicly available environmental, geological, historical, and hydrogeological databases to inform the environmental setting of a site and to identify the presence of potential pollutant-source-pathway relationships in the context of a proposed development.

Our assessment also includes an on-site reconnaissance survey (or walkover survey) which considers the current site condition.

The information gathered is used to develop an initial Conceptual Site Model (CSM) which informs subsequent stages of investigation.

Are further stages of investigation always required?

No, if the initial Conceptual Site Model (CSM) identifies that there are no active pollutant source-pathway-receptor relationships then further investigation is usually not required. However, this is dependent on approval by the regulatory authorities who may request further site-based investigation to quantify potential risks.

If the site is shown to pose a risk to human health, property, protected species, or the environment then it is recommended that further site-based investigations take place to provide quantifiable data to assess the level of risk.

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