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Public Sector

The U.K. national government has committed to leading by example in the way operations are managed and services are procured, and as Public Sectorsuch have introduced a number of sustainability targets and objectives to reduce its environmental impacts namely: reducing green house gas emissions; reducing waste generation, and reducing water consumption.

Mabbett has extensive experience in serving the Public Sector to include: hospitals, schools, emergency services (e.g. fire and police), councils and local and national government.

Mabbett can assist government agencies and institutions to improve their operational efficiencies, more effectively manage and reduce their environmental and energy impacts in a number of ways, including:

  • provision of resource efficiency audits (water, waste and energy) and associated prioritised actions plans and implementation support;
  • development, implementation and on-going maintenance of stand alone or integrated management systems: environment, energy, quality, and/or heath and safety; and
  • mechanical and electrical building services review, low carbon engineering design, construction oversight, start-up and commissioning.

Mabbett can also assist with safe guarding employee welfare particularly through provision of our health and safety services namely: risk assessments, audits and training, and occupational hygiene.