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Planning Application Noise

During planning permission for a residential development, it’s common that your planning authority will request a Noise Impact Assessment. These types of assessments are generally formed under the guidance within British Standard 8233:2014: Sound insulation and noise reduction for buildings.

Construction Site Licences (CAR)The introduction of the Professional Planning Guidance (ProPG) in 2017 provides advice for Local Planning Authorities, developers and their respective advisors and compliments government planning, noise policy and guidance.


Mabbett's Planning Application Noise Services

Mabbett is experienced in the consideration of the key elements required within the ProPG for a residential development. This can include:

  • Undertaking an initial noise risk assessment of the proposed development site;
  • Liaising with the developers and architects to demonstrate a good acoustic design process;
  • Observing internal noise level guidelines contained within BS8233:2014 or other relevant standards;
  • Providing a suitable mitigation strategy to ensure that internal noise levels will meet the guidelines;
  • Undertaking an assessment of the impact of noise on external amenity areas; and
  • Consideration of any other relevant issues pertaining to noise around the site.

Your Noise Assessment may be part of a wider multi-disciplined impact assessment.  Mabbett can support with Air Impact Assessments, Environmental Planning Support and Environmental Impact Assessments.  


Contact James Forbes, Senior Consultant at or on 0141 227 2314 to discuss further.