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We’ve been working on peatland since early 2000. We do the whole lifecycle from finding out what you have, to planning and managing the restoration and monitoring.

Peatlands form a unique natural habitat that supports a range of plant and animal species. They are recognised under international and national legislation, act as important stores of carbon, and play an important role in the global hydrological cycle. In the UK, Peatlands are also thought to play an important role in flood prevention.

Our team are experts when it comes to work on Peatlands and we offer a comprehensive suite of services to meet your needs:

  • Peatland Action and Carbon Finance
  • Feasibility Studies, Restoration and Management Plans
  • Peat in Development
  • Peat Depth Surveys
  • Monitoring Peatland – Hydrology and Vegetation

Peatland Action and Carbon Finance

Timing & planning is everything if you are going to access funding that is available from either the government, through PeatlandACTION, or by the sale of carbon credits.

We can help you determine the best course of action to either fund your restoration or to provide longer term income from the carbon credits generated by the restoration of your peatland.

Feasibility Studies, Restoration and Management Plans

An important step in deciding what to do with peat on your land or site, we can undertake feasibility studies which follow the requirements for a PeatlandACTION funded project or for the sale of carbon credits. A Feasibility Study is developed to identify, assess, and map areas of potential peatland restoration and use the results to produce in-depth peatland restoration and management plans. The restoration and management plans can then be used to inform the next steps and the funds needed.

Feasibility studies typically identify areas of potential restoration. Following the study a peat depth survey is carried out, as well as vegetation, condition  and hydrological assessments of those potential areas. The results of these surveys inform the the production of a plan of restoration including the identification of features to be restored and an indication of net change in greenhouse gas emissions.

Peat in Development

The prevention of damage or excavation of peat is the preferable course of action in any development, not only as you will be impacting on carbon and water storage but taking peat offsite as waste is expensive. Excavated peat will be regarded as waste in law and regulatory controls will apply to its storage, treatment, recovery and/or disposal.

We can help you through proper survey, planning and design, and where disturbance cannot be avoided, implementation of appropriate mitigation measures.

  • Peat depth surveys

  • Peat Management Plans

  • Practical storage and disposal advice

  • Offset and enhancement plans

Peat Depth Surveys

We offer phase 1 and phase 2 peat depth surveys to help you know your peatland. This is important for a number of reasons and involves a survey in a predefined grid to measure & record the depth of peat.

  • Development and planning of infrastructure

  • Assessing your Carbon holding

  • Access to PeatlandACTION & Peatland Code Funding

  • Access to carbon credits

  • Assessing your restoration and monitoring schemes

  • Reducing your carbon impact

Monitoring Peatland - Hydrology and Vegetation

Hydrological and vegetation monitoring is used to ascertain the health of a peat bog which is being, or has been, restored after works have taken place on the peat bog.

We offer:

  • Baseline assessments for both vegetation and hydrology

  • Supply and installation of dipwells or WaLRaGs to monitor the waterlevel on a peatbog

  • Advice on the type of plants for the location

  • Monitoring of the health and recovery of vegetation

  • Monitoring of the success of restoration techniques and advice on remedial measures

Contaminated Land - Related Services

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