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New Senior Management Team

Posted: Wednesday 3 July 2019

Mabbett is proud to announce our new senior management team following theSenior Management Team (June 19) successful completion of a company restructuring plan which lays the foundations for our continued growth, sustainability and long-term success.

Arthur N. Mabbett and Derek J McNab shall continue in their existing roles as Chairman and Managing Director of the firm respectively, while the following new roles are announced: Andy Lee (Director, Operations), Michael Lynch (Director, Engineering), Geraldine Boylan (Director, Environment) and Paul Young (Director, Safety).

The new senior management team joined Distillery Manager, Alistair McDonald, for an intimate tour of The Clydeside Distillery in Glasgow to celebrate the completion of the company restructuring plan and to thank Arthur for his investment, dedication, persistence and leadership in establishing and growing the firm to what we are today.

Mabbett Chairman, Arthur N. Mabbett, stated,

“23 years in the making, our company restructuring opens a new chapter in the evolution of the firm. This restructuring will help ensure the firm’s continued success in the years ahead. I thank my colleagues for all their efforts and I enjoyed toasting our future mutual success at the Clydeside Distillery. Slàinte mhath!”

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