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Planning ahead for the Christmas shutdown – top tips to avoid unnecessary wastage and costs

Posted: Wednesday 12 December 2018

Many of us have a ‘to do’ list to ensure nothing is missed in the run up toChristmas Shutdown - top tips Christmas but do we plan ahead for the office/factory shut down?

Here are some top tips to make sure that you are not incurring unnecessary wastage and costs over the Christmas shutdown.

Turn off and unplug any unused electrical equipment. 

An obvious example would be computers and monitors however other electrical items to consider include: vending machines (with no perishable products), set back ventilation/air conditioning units, water coolers, printers and photocopiers.

Turn off lights.

Don’t forget to check in the store cupboards, basement areas and make sure all office lighting is switched off.

Adjust heating controls.

Heating controls are often overlooked with the boiler left to run as normal even when premises are unoccupied.  Also consider frost protection to prevent burst water pipes.

Ensure water taps are turned off.

This will help avoid wastage and, in worst case, flooding.

Clear out the fridge and encourage staff to take home any food that will go out of date over the Christmas period. 

If the fridge/freezer will be empty, consider turning if off.

Review results/usage during shutdown period.

Review the results/resource use on 25 December e.g. through meter readings or sub-meters to identify wastage and prevent from reoccurring over other holiday periods e.g. New Year.

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